Listen and action

Monitor online media, build reports and action coverage

Online monitoring

Influencing monitors tens of thousands of online news services and blogs on a daily basis, and our simple and powerful search builder lets you monitor your own mentions, your sector competitors and even industry news. Please note our service does not provide access to licensed or subscription content.

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Reporting automation

Tracking sends, interactions and monitoring for analysis helps articulate & improve outcomes, and lets stakeholders better understand the value of media interactions.  

Influencing simplifies reporting; allowing straightforward executive summaries of complex, sophisticated reports at the click of a button. 

If you have an existing reporting structure, Influencing can help. Simply share with us a copy of the report you'd like automated, and our programmers will deliver a matching template to generate unlimited reports - the way you want them delivered.

(You can even automate distribution; or just use them as a starting point for further analysis.)

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Beyond monitoring

While Influencing monitors tens of thousands of online news sites and blogs, we approach media monitoring differently.

That's why our focus is on what you do with that coverage; from executive summaries to customised reports and workflow actions. Moreover, Influencing integrates seamlessly with other media monitoring services, allowing a full-service offering.

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I'm a brand, PR agency or organization

I wish to use Influencing to publish my news and announcements, monitor my publicity and find media targets.


I'm a journalist, content creator or influencer

I wish to use Influencing to find sources and request information, monitor my competitors and peers and find PR contacts.