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Beyond the media database

Influencing is more than just a list of names and emails - it's a media engagement platform

Accuracy and comprehensiveness

Influencing is Australia's most accurate and comprehensive media database. Australia's largest media research team works alongside Zeus, our proprietary media management system.

​​​​​​​Zeus scans hundreds of thousands of news articles, social profiles and websites looking for media changes, which feed up to our research team for further investigation. Also, because we report on media changes, we're always on the cutting edge of who is moving where and what they're writing. Back to top

Lists that manage themselves

Even with perfect data, maintaining media lists is a difficult and time-consuming chore for all public relations and communications departments.

Influencing's intelligent media list management system can automatically update lists or alternatively present recommendations to help you keep lists accurate, without the hours of administrative overhead.

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I wish to use Influencing to find sources and request information, monitor my competitors and peers and find PR contacts.

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