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Enabling better journalism

Influencing helps journalists source stories and sources

Enabling better journalism

Originally designed as a web portal for journalists, at its core Influencing helps journalists by connecting them to source information, spokespeople and talent more efficiently. And this focus on the journalist will always be central to our reason-for-being.

We've built, and will continue to build, free tools and services for journalists, as well as designing complementary tools for communications professionals with the needs of journalists front and centre. 

Additionally, our editorial team track the latest movements and trends in the Australian and New Zealand media, helping journalists to promote their work and keep up with their peers. Back to top

Connect in real-time

Influencing is a media relations network, that allows journalists and influencers to connect to sources and communications professionals in real-time via our Inbox messenger.

Rather than shooting e-mails back and forth or playing phone tags, journalists can connect with PR professionals and interview spokespeople in real-time from their phones or desktops.

Journalists always stay in control of the conversations. Chat conversations can only be initiated by journalists, unless the journalist chooses to leave the channel open for their trusted sources. Back to top

Request information

Influencing's Media Request service was the first service of its kind in Australia, and allows journalists to request interview subjects, background materials or products to review via a simple and convenient interface.

Integrated with our Interviewer messenger, the request service means follow-ups can take place in real-time, so that stories can be completed and filed in record time. Back to top

Control your profile

Every journalist listed in our media database has the opportunity to write their own media profile, as well as outlining the topics and beats they are interested in receiving information on.

Please get in contact with us if you have any issues related to your contact record, or feel the information has been misused by one of our users at Back to top

Track news and announcements

Influencing's PRWire service is Australia's most popular newswire service, publishing dozens of announcements to our web-based service.

Journalists can sign-up to receive PRWire updates or digests, customising their preferences to ensure they only get the information they are interested in.

If they want to follow-up, it's a simple click to launch straight into an online chat with the PR contact or spokesperson. Back to top

Find PR contacts and sources

Influencing's database of PR contacts and thousands of business, government departments and organisations, help journalists quickly find who they need to speak to, to find further information or organise interviews.

From there, journalists and their contacts can jump straight into an instant messaging conversation. Back to top

I'm a brand, PR agency or organization

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I'm a journalist, content creator or influencer

I wish to use Influencing to find sources and request information, monitor my competitors and peers and find PR contacts.

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