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Australian Army searches for PR officer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The Australian Defence Force is in need of a PR professional to work with the Australian Army.

The PR officer will be assigned to run communications campaigns to bolster positive public perception of the Army as an essential part of the nation’s armed forces. The work will include drafting press releases for media distribution, developing relationships with media personnel (especially those on the defence beat), assembling video and images of Army personnel/activities for promotional materials, organising media awareness training for servicepeople, and to advise Army command staff on sensitive matters involving uniformed personnel.

The position is only open to Australian citizens between 17 and 56 years old, who must have a proven body of work in PR, journalism, marketing, and corporate communications. They should also be mentally and physically fit for basic military training and are willing to be stationed at ADF bases in Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, or Townsville.

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Nine searching for SMH/The Age media and telecoms reporter

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The business desk at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age has opened up applications for a new media and telecommunications reporter.

The position calls for the chosen applicant to cover developments in today’s media and telecoms scene, with the papers’ business editor as their immediate superior.

Candidates must have ample journalism experience and be able to handle coverage in newsroom with tight deadlines under pressure. They excel at in-depth research, first coverage of breaking news, and analysis of balance sheets. Experience in the business beat may be a bonus.

Redland City Bulletin hiring senior journalist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Australian Community Media masthead Redland City Bulletin has opened a full-time position for a senior journalist.

The senior journalist will work alongside journalists in southeast Queensland in covering the news, especially those about the local community. They will also aid the Bulletin’s editor in managing the newsroom, mentoring the junior staff, and participating in staff meetings in pursuit of implementing the paper’s editorial strategy.

Prospective candidates must have detailed experience in journalism, including newsroom management, story research, and being able to work under a flexible schedule. They should also be grounded in digital media and adhere to NewsNow editorial policy in carrying out duties.

Hot off the Press searching for publicist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Chadstone, Victoria music and lifestyle PR firm Hot off the Press Publicity has opened applications for an in-house publicist to work on multiple national campaigns.

The publicist will be in charge of developing strategies for executing assigned campaigns, from writing press releases to engaging the media. They will also schedule interviews and pitch ideas, while building awareness over social media platforms. Clerical work will include database management and compiling campaign reports.

Candidates must have at least four years’ experience in publicity/PR activities, and have documented records of them. They should also be skilled at mentoring staff, independent decision-making, handling work across multiple campaigns, and very familiar with the media environments. Prospective applicants will also need to have extensive media contacts and can exercise diplomacy in dealing with media personnel.

News Corp Australia opens Armidale digital reporter job

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

News Corp Australia is searching for a digital reporter to be stationed in Armidale, NSW.

The reporter will be tasked to produce articles about the local community from initial pitch to final publication, plus encourage subscriptions to the digital news portal. Produced stories may be based on data analysis of feedback from online users, and must follow established guidelines.

The reporter will also be guided to develop relationships with all members of the community including local entrepreneurs, families, sports players, and local government officials.

The successful applicant must have a comprehensive record in multimedia/digital journalism, including newsroom stints and a drive for in-depth research and serious questioning. The person also has to demonstrate proficiency in running a CMS and social media accounts, plus search engine optimisation. Most importantly, the candidate should have close links with the local community.

Toyota looking for senior PR marketer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Toyota Australia has opened a post for a senior PR/marketing specialist, to be based in the Melbourne CBD on a six-month contract.

The position will involve development of PR and communication campaigns to promote Toyota’s passenger vehicle line through press releases and liaisons with Australian automotive media. The PR/marketing specialist will also keep track of market coverage involving Toyota and will provide strategic advice to the executive team.

Candidates must be graduates of business courses such as marketing and commerce. They should have detailed experience in PR, communication, and marketing, most particularly having worked as project managers. Strong interest in Australia’s automotive industry is also highly recommended.