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Western Sydney University Research Ignites Call for Transparent Front-of-Pack Ingredient Labelling in Australian Baby Food Market

Announcement posted by jayePR 02 Apr 2024

"Baby food can be on the shelves for up to two years, which means it can be older than the baby eating it.” - Erin Jerries, Founder, Le Puree


MEDIA RELEASE - Recent findings from Western Sydney University's investigation into popular baby food pouches have sparked an urgent need for industry-wide labelling reform. Le Puree stands alongside the Food For Health Alliance in advocating for stringent regulations that prioritise transparency and safeguard the nutritional needs of Australia's youngest consumers.


Erin Jerries, founder of Le Puree, stated, "As parents, we trust product labels to make informed choices about our children's nutrition. It's unacceptable that commercial baby foods can sit on shelves for up to two years, potentially older than the infants consuming them. For many babies, these products comprise a substantial portion of their diet. Clear and accurate front-of-pack ingredient labelling is crucial to empowering caregivers with honest information."


"At Le Puree, we prioritise transparency by prominently listing all ingredients on the front of our packages. However, industry-wide reform is needed. We echo the Alliance's call for mandatory front-of-pack ingredient labelling on all baby food products. Infants and toddlers deserve honest, clear information about what goes into their food."


The Western Sydney University study found that less than 1% of pouches tested had adequate nutrients, and 59% claimed 'no sugar added' despite containing free sugars. The Food For Health Alliance revealed that one in four ready-made baby and toddler foods in Australia have product names that misrepresent their ingredients, misleading caregivers about the products' nutritional benefits.


This misalignment perpetuates misconceptions about healthy dietary choices for infants and toddlers, underscoring the urgent need for transparent labelling regulations to safeguard the well-being of Australia's youngest population.




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